Senior Club

(Hosted By The Durga Temple Of Virginia)

Monthly Meeting on TBA
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Place: Downstairs Cultural Hall or Library
Shakti Senior Club, welcomes everyone “You all make the difference”

The meeting shall continue to be on the 2nd Sunday of each month unless there is a conflict with another event or facility management due to unavailability of space.

Next meeting is on TBA.

Senior Citizen Membership Club Form (In Microsoft Word)

You all can proceed for the Aarthi upstairs as per your request.

During summer, Seniors shall meet twice a month.

  • 2nd Sunday our usual regular senior meeting. A lecture by Fairfax county, topic shall be announced shortly for our seniors.
  • The meeting shall be continued by bhajans and BINGO. Due to public demand we shall play at least one game of BINGO each time we meet.
  • 4th Sunday, a Movie will be shown in the afternoon, Oldies, classics. OR Outdoor activity (visit to another temple as requested or a combination event with Fairfax county Senior to other locations eg: museum, picnics. List of various locations shall be e-mailed to all).