A Dream Come True Durga Temple

Some families got together to celebrate the Deepawali by starting Akhand Ramayan path in a small Shrine at residence of Hirday/Rani Sharma Harnal, The home of same devotee where Ganpati Ji drank milk and about 1000 people showed up to offer milk. NBC and Discovery channel aired the story and ran the interview of Hirday/Rani. Akhandpath was followed by Mata Jagran. It was at this time Rani Sharma suggested that a temple for the entire community should be built since Mr. Harnal has been involved in Temples in India and Washington Metropolitan area. Also being a Brahmin and having family background of conducting Puja and performing religious rituals and sanskars (Mundans, Birthdays, anniversaries and wedding ceremonies). Rani has experience of singing Bhajans and Bhenten of Mata at Jagrans. These are the Prime needs of the Hindu Temple. Community needed a Place of their own so that all the religious and cultural activities could be conducted there. Most of the time Burke commons community center was rented to celebrate birth days, wedding anniversary/ religious / cultural activities.

Six devotee's families approached Dr. Jai/Shashi Gupta. Dr. Gupta, offered if a Temple is named after one of the deities worshipped by the Hindus, that he would make a substantial donation, without and other strings attached, which would turn our dream into reality. Devotees, however did not miss this golden opportunity and thus, established “ DURGA TEMPLE “ and accepted Dr. Jai Gupta’s generous donation. Dr. Gupta’s offer started us in the right direction for the fulfillment of our desire.

At a Jagran at Dr. Vijay/Madhu Grover’s residence on October 30th 1990, Rajinder Garg announced formation of Durga Temple requested community support by TAN, MAN AND DHAN. Hirday now started performing Pujas and other religious sanskars for the Durga Temple. Rani Sharma devoted her full time for the religious/cultural activities and inspired young and old for their support, Day in and day out for Building of Durga Temple.

The humble devotee already made an initial deposit of $ 51,000.00 for the acquisition of land.  Durga Temple a religious organization was registered as a non-profit organization with the common wealth of Virginia on March 21st, 1991.

Devotees started looking for a suitable land. Mr. Puran Mittal joined the Caretaker volunteers of Durga Temple and after looking at three different locations, present location was finalized With the vigorous enthusiasm and hard work of Mr. Ved Goyal, To-day a magnificent Mandir graces that piece of land which will be source of spiritual and cultural center for the generations to come, and Hindu community will be proud of it.

On March 21st, 1999 Durga temple was open to Public for Darshan and prayer after the inaugural ceremony which included puja, Havan, Ganpati Sathapna, Bhairav Sathapna, and Nuv Durga Sthapna was performed by Brahmin priests of different temples under the direction Shri Satya Narain Shastri which started on March18th, 1999.  Mr. Srinivasan of Indian embassy was guest of Honor.  Mrs. Kate Hanley was invited from the County of Fairfax, she read the proclaimanation. Week of March 21st 1999 to March 28th 1999 was declared Durga Temple Week.   Dr. Suresh Gupta invited Dr. Madan Gupta and Dr. Jai Gupta on stage. Dr. Jai announced 16 names of the individuals to light the Jyoti to open the curtains of Nuv Durga Shrine.  With Great Joy and Jaikaras curtains were opened, devotees were overjoyed to have first Darshan.

With generous offer and with support of entire community today Hindus are proud to have a place of worship and cultural center of their own at a cost of 4.2M.  $2.2M loans are still out standing.

Please come in one and all give your services and support with TAN, MAN and DHAN for smooth functioning of this wonderful institution.