August , 2017

Parents Information
Class Year 2017 - 2018
Kids of age between 3 – 18 yrs

  • DBG Vision and Mission
    • Vision: To ignite, foster, revere and preserve ancient Sanatan (Hindu) Dharma, Culture, Values and Way of Life amongst children.
    • Mission: To provide a fun, social and educational environment that enables children to acquire a healthy understanding, and subsequently a pride and reverence for their ancient sanatan religion, culture, and a core value system so that the children are inspired to apply them into their daily life, exchange thoughts and ideas with peers, develop a confident self-identity, and sense of belongingness to the community.
  • DBG Overview
    • Total Duration: 9 months, September 2016 – June 2017
    • Weekly Location: Durga Temple Lower level classrooms
    • Weekly Timing: Sundays 9:30 am – 11:00 am
    • No DBG on Federal holidays
    • No DBG the day after Holi and Dussehra cultural program evening
    • Children Groupings:

    • Pre-prarambhika (3 – under 5)
    • Prarambhika (5 – 7yrs)
    • Madhyama (8 – 10 yrs)
    • Youth (over 10 yrs – 18 yrs)

    • 2.1 DBG Weekly Recurring Activities
      • Bhajans
      • Religious Class
      • Once every quarter – Arts & Crafts and Games
      • Children get DBG library membership as part of the program where they can check out of 250+ Amar Chitra Katha books on various Hindu religious and historical characters
    • 2.2 Religious Class and Bhajan Curriculum Goals
      • Facilitate children to appreciate, learn, and practice Hindu Dharma, Values and Way of life
      • Instill pride and confidence in Hindu children about their identity
      • Understand our Hindu way of life by exposure to aspects such as prayers, bhajans and stories
      • Reinforce concepts children through participation in cultural activities, role plays, skits, Q/A sessions, quizzes and class discussions
      • Develop students leadership skills and sense of community by having them volunteer during events to do setup, help in temple activities, and help in general DBG activities

  • DBG Staff and Volunteers
    • All DBG classes and activities are staffed with either Fixed or Rotating volunteer resources
    • All Activities have a Primary and a Secondary staff
    • Rotating Activities are opportunities for Parents’ Volunteering
      • Arts and Crafts
      • Games
      • Children Seva
      • Logistical Support (technical, chairs / event setup, bhajans/classes prep, etc.)
  • DBG Participation in Temple Cultural Activities and Other Events
    • 4.1 Informal Internal Events
      • December focused on group performance
      • Annual Day in May/June focused on individual performance
    • 4.2 Dusshera and Holi Mela
      • DBG Level bhajans and shlokas only
      • Parent Volunteer driven cultural activities
    • 4.3 Participation in other periodic events such as Shivratri, Ramnavmi, Janamashtami etc...
      • Children recite Bhajans
      • Children perform in a play or play instruments
  • Governance and Administration
    • DT Admin – Kusum Taneja
    • DBG Volunteer Team – Reena Roy and others
  • DBG Fees and Charges
    • Durga Temple - No charge
    • Supplies (non-refundable fees)
      • Books - ~ $20
      • Activity fee - $50.00 first child
        • $40.00 – second child (sibling)
        • $30.00 – third child (sibling)
  • Registration Details
    • Total number of children in the program is 80
    • The registration will be on first come first serve basis
    • The registration will be via email only.
    • Registration form is available on Durga Temple website
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NOTE: Please be in the temple downstairs hall by 9:15 am on the first day of BalGokul. Payment is expected the first day.
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